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Gadget Lab Podcast: We Discuss the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s newest phone, announced this week, is a very big deal—in both physical size and importance. We run down the news on the Galaxy Note 8. Everyone agrees that its release is a huge milestone for Samsung after the debacle of the Note 7. David loves what he’s seen so far, but Mike has concerns about the software, and Arielle would just like a phone that’s not bonkers-huge. Also, Arielle has a killer startup idea.


Some notes (ha): David’s hands-on look at the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Our explainer on why the Note 7 kept exploding. See also our review of the Galaxy S8, the new Note’s closest cousin. Recommendations this week: The film American Anarchist, the book Powerhouse and Pressed by Kind snacks.

Send the hosts feedback on their personal Twitter feeds. Arielle Pardes is @pardesoteric, David Pierce is @pierce, and Michael Calore is @snackfight. Bling the main hotline at @GadgetLab.

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