Future Google Chrome Security Update Will Block Drive-By-Downloads

Google Chrome browser will soon get new capabilities that will help block unintended downloads.

The application, which according to third-party data runs on more than 65 percent of desktop computers, will be updated with a security feature to block drive-by-downloads.

Technically, the concept of drive-by-downloads refers to downloads that are generated without users specifically requesting them. In most of the cases, they are used by malicious actors by embedding them into website iFrames, thus being able to hide malware or other dangerous payloads inside the content of pages looking legitimately.

Google believes it can resolve this issue by making it harder for unintended downloads to show up, enhancing its filters to block such actions unless they meet three different conditions.

The downloads will just fail silently without any warning to users

First of all, the download must be triggered by the user, so unless you click on a download link, n… (read more)

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