Fujifilm Rolls Out New Firmware Update for Its X Series Cameras – Download Now

Fujifilm made public new firmware packages developed for several of its X-Series digital cameras, which improves the overall performance when using XF50mmF1.0 R WR lens and resolves some other minor bugs.

In addition to that, the new firmware versions address an issue regarding multiple-flash shooting, namely if an EF-X500 (commander) flashes in some groups sometimes don’t fire correctly. Also, Fujifilm urges users to upgrade their camera if they are using an EF-X500 (commander) and an EF-60 (remote flash).

As for the available files, the producer has provided new update for its X-T2 (4.40), X-T3 (3.30), X-T4 (1.10), X-T20 (2.10), and X-T30 (1.30) camera, as well as versions 1.30, 1.10, 2.10, and 5.10 for the X-E3, X-Pro3, X-H1, and X-Pro 2 respectively.

When it comes to installation, first of all make sure of the following: the camera’s battery is fully charged, a formatted memory card is available, and the currently installed version isn’t either newer or matchi… (read more)

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