Fortnite launches new payment system to cut Apple, Google out

Enlarge / Fortnite seen in the App Store on an iPhone on May 10, 2018. (credit: Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images)

In a move seemingly calculated to be both an enticement to players and a middle finger aimed directly at Apple and Google, game developer Epic today began offering a discount for Fortnite players who use Epic’s own direct payment system for in-game purchases.

The “Fortnite Mega Drop” is a permanent 20-percent discount on purchases across all platforms, Epic announced today. Players on traditional consoles (Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch) and on PC or Mac computers will get the discount automatically. Players on iOS and Android can choose between Apple App Store / Google Play Store at the regular price or, immediately below, the same item through Epic direct payment at a discount. Players who purchased V-Bucks or real-money items since July 14 will also see a retroactive bonus, Epic said.

Epic is not shy about explaining its reasoning. “Currently, there are no savings if players use Apple and Google payment options, where Apple and Google collect an exorbitant 30% fee on all payments,” the company said. “If Apple and Google lower their fees on payments, Epic will pass along the savings to players.”

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