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Follow Eclipse Hunters on the Pilgrimage to Totality

Tim Seward and Stephanie Jordan sit outside of their Volkswagen Westfalia camper outside the Painted Hills National Monument in Wheeler County, Oregon. They traveled all the way from San Francisco.

Will Norman takes a break from cycling on Hwy 62 in Oregon after two weeks on the road. He biked 750 miles from Oakland, California to Bend, Oregon to watch the eclipse with his family.

Elizabeth and Morris Dobbs drink champagne outside their travel trailer in a Walmart parking lot in Bend, Oregon. They traveled from Carson City, California to Madras, Oregon to watch the eclipse.

Ruby Osborn peers through a telescope that a member of the Eastbay Astronomical Society set up at an overlook in the town of Mitchell, Oregon

Colorado residents Riley and Amber study a map at a gas station in Chemult, Oregon. They spent the past three months planning to camp at Deschutes National Forest.

Simba, Reese, Red, Klem, and Lurch hang out in their school bus named “Buttercup,” in Prineville, Oregon.

Rocky, Dwight, and Bobby hang out together on their off-grid front porch watching all the travelers head to the Painted Hills of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument to watch the eclipse.

Jo Lansdown watches as her kids climb atop the family’s RV in Mitchell, Oregon. Lansdown decided to take her kids on a road trip from California to Oregon to see the eclipse after reading the book Go See The Eclipse: And Take a Kid with You.

A member of the Eastbay Astronomical Society looks through his binoculars at a camp with 150 other astronomers in Mitchell, Oregon.

A car packed with water and food in Bend, Oregon.

Isaac Dick, Steve Nichols, Erin Westlake, and Eliot Westlake watch the eclipse on the Carroll Rim Trail at the Painted Hills National Monument. They started planning their 16-hour road trip from Portland in January.

Friends watch the eclipse begin on the Carroll Rim Trail at the Painted Hills National Monument in Wheeler County, Oregon.

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