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Firefighters resuscitate unconscious puppy with special animal O2 mask

You’ve heard of firefighters saving kittens from trees, but have you ever heard of them saving a puppy from a kitchen fire?

Billesley Community Fire Station released footage on their official account of firefighters using an oxygen mask designed for use on animals to revive a puppy who was unconscious after inhaling smoke from a kitchen fire.

The procedure was successful and the pupper got a few pats in from his rescuers after he woke up.

And they continued to look after him, releasing these pics 30 minutes later.

Looking pretty chilled out all things considered.

Luminous blanket dog!

Luminous blanket dog!

A little groggy perhaps, but he’ll soon be back to chasing sticks and squirrels and whatnot. Well done Billesley firefighters!

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