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Fake Among Us app could be malware

InterSloth’s ‘Among Us’ is one of the latest games to be hitting the world by storm, with it being popular among PC and mobile gamers alike. Cybercriminals have noted the games popularity and begun to take advantage of it, creating fake versions of the game in order to distribute malware.

New research from the app protection firm Promon, who have partnered with Wultra, has shown that there are over 60 fake ‘Among Us’ apps masquerading as the original game. The research found that there appear to be at least nine different creators distributing fake apps on third-party stores. Around 75 per cent of there fake apps have been repackaged in order to incorporate malicious code which turns the legitimate game into adware. Once downloaded large ads will constantly appear across a users device and take over the app’s interface after time.

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