Facebook Uses 1.5 Billion Reddit Posts To Create Chatbot

Facebook trained a new chatbat with 1.5 billion examples of human exchanges from reddit, claiming it’s able to demonstrate empathy, knowledge and personality. The BBC reports: The social media giant said 49% of people preferred interactions with the chatbot [named “Blender”], compared with another human. But experts say training the artificial intelligence (AI) using a platform such as Reddit has its drawbacks. Numerous issues arose during longer conversations. Blender would sometimes respond with offensive language, and at other times it would make up facts altogether. Researchers said they hoped further models would address some of these issues.

Facebook also compared Blender’s performance with the latest version of Google’s own chatbot, Meena. It showed people two sets of conversations, one made with Blender and the other with Meena. Conversations included a wide range of topics including movies, music and veganism. Facebook said that 67% of respondents thought Blender sounded more human than Meena. “We achieved this milestone through a new chatbot recipe that includes improved decoding techniques, novel blending of skills, and a model with 9.4 billion parameters, which is 3.6x more than the largest existing system. This is the first chatbot to blend a diverse set of conversational skills together in one system. Building a truly intelligent dialogue agent that can chat like a human remains one of the largest open challenges in AI today.”

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