Ep. 129 – Should You Be Inauthentic with Mark Bowden

In Episode 129, host Chris Hadnagy speaks with Mark Bowden, body language expert and world renowned speaker on the topic. One huge question comes up – Should you authentic or inauthentic? The answer will truly surprise you, and maybe change your life. – May 11, 2020


Ep. 129 – Should You Be Inauthentic with Mark Bowden

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Show Notes

Episode Highlights:

1:15 – How Mark came on the show
2:37 – Mark’s early interest in the nonverbal
7:55 – The inauthentic and the fakery : what it means & why should we discuss it?
10:32 – The DiSC profiling & Chris learning to become a new type of trainer
11:52 – Mark’s take on authoring oneself and the myth of the “authentic self”. What Mark recommends
14:56 – Anecdote: Picasso’s flexible take on authenticity
15:39 – When fakes are good & Telling stories through lying
18:17 – Do not mistake truths for facts.
19:44 – When truth is actually devastating & why failure aren’t the best teachers
21:53 – We try inauthentic things to expand who we are. But for how long? How do we approach this?
23:24 – One of the worst advice that Mark has gotten
23:55 – Mark’s take on “Fake it ’till Make it”
25:25 – Training offerings & updates on upcoming events:
26:50 – Ryan MacDougall, the introverted social engineer
28:00 – Not letting the introversion stop one’s transformation and the need for reinforcement for transformation
29:04 – The cost of “being yourself”
31:04 – Obstacles in adopting new behaviors and how it relates to SE, absence of payback for the uncomfortable behavior, and how it relates to SE. Choosing the right “prize”
38:15 – The importance of finding joy in work
40:18 – Mark’s training programs
41:59 – Mark’s book recommendation

Key Points:

  • Do not mistake truths from facts they are not the same.
  • If you tell a story and you massage some of the facts you sometimes get a stronger clearer truth from the story.
  • People first need to think that it’s valuable then believe that its true, so they go and use it.


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