EA’s hold over Star Wars games ends with Ubisoft’s open-world announcement

Enlarge / Artist’s conception of Ubisoft shoving EA out of the way in announcing its upcoming Star Wars game project.

Ubisoft will be publishing an open-world Star Wars game developed by The Division studio Massive Entertainment, the companies announced in a Wired story this morning.

Details are sparse, as even the specific characters and setting have yet to be revealed. But Wired’s reporting suggests the game will be an open-world title, aiming for a longer play-time than a more linear story-driven game like 2019’s Jedi: Fallen Order. The Division 2 and The Crew Director Julian Gerighty will serve as creative director on the game, which will use Massive’s Snowdrop engine.

The Ubisoft-published game will mark the apparent and abrupt end of Disney’s exclusivity deal with Electronic Arts, signed in 2013. That deal was reportedly planned to last ten years, which would have taken it through most of 2023.

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