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Drake played ‘Fortnite’ on Twitch with Ninja again, but with $5,000 on the line

Musician Drake joined ‘Fortnite’ streamer Ninja once more.

Image: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Drake joined Fortnite streamer Ninja once again, but this time he upped the ante. 

On Tuesday, Drake played a duos live stream of Fortnite with Twitch streamer Ninja. He played under his handle TheBoyDuddus. During their game, Drake promised Ninja a $5,000 donation if he won them the match. He makes the promise at 7:13 in the following video.

Sure enough, Ninja is victorious. “Oh my god,” laughs Drake. “I’m a man of my word, I got you,” he says, “send me the info.” 

No word yet as to whether payment has gone through, but Drake does seem like a true Ninja-fan.

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