Don’t look now, but GameStop’s stock price is surging again

Enlarge / HODL! (credit: Getty Images)

GameStop’s stock price saw yet another sudden surge in the late trading hours Wednesday. After opening at 44.70 that morning, the price shot up from $52.41 at 3pm to $91.71 just before the market closed at 4pm.

That 75 percent increase in a single hour was followed shortly after by a peak price of $200 in post-market trading Wednesday evening. As of this writing, the stock is currently selling at about $132 in highly volatile early market trading.

The sudden surge obviously brings to mind GameStop’s similarly quick stock price run-up in late January. Since peaking at over $400 during that extremely volatile week, though, GameStop’s stock price had settled to something resembling calm, closing between $40 and $60 every day since February 8.

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