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Don’t believe that video of a student swearing at a professor for taking her fake ID

The video is quite something and it looks legit, if a bit contrived. 

It shows a Syracuse University student losing her temper on the first day of a public policy class when her professor, William D. Coplin, confiscates her fake ID in front of the class.

“So… I have a question for you. How old are you?” the professor asks. 

“Ummm… 19,” the student answers. But after Coplin refuses to hand the fake ID back to the student, she stands up and shouts, “Are you fucking kidding me? Are you fucking joking? Do you know how expensive they are?”

“How much you paid for it,” the professor replies. But the exchange gets more heated as the student keeps yelling: “Are you fucking serious? You’re my fucking professor! That’s my fucking property are you kidding? Are you serious? Oh my fucking God.” Then she bursts out of the class. 

Posted on Reddit with the title “Student flips out after getting fake ID confiscated on the first day of class,” the short clip gathered 25,000 points and almost 4,000 comments. 

But not all is what it seems. 

Reddit users expressed many concerns about the video’s authenticity in the comments, questioning why the girl brought her fake ID to class or why a college lecturer would ask for her ID. 

One user, jeremychase21 a.k.a. Jeremy Levy, said he was in the same class at Syracuse University 10 years ago and the professor pulled the same stunt: 

Levy says the professor enlists a drama student every year to do the same stunt in order to discourage freshman from getting forged identity documents:

The Instagram account Barstool Syracuse, by student Seth Kourpas, posted another version of the confrontation: 

An Instagram comment on this video identified the girl as Victoria Patti, and her Facebook page indeed lists her as a student at Syracuse University. 

On Twitter, Patti posted screenshots of derogatory comments left on the video saying “I love my fans”:

She also ironically thanked Barstool Syracuse for giving her “15 mins”:

A Redditor tracked down Patti online and this is what she allegedly said in response: 

Mashable has reached out to Patti for comment.

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