“Disquisting whores”: Document reveals GirlsDoPorn plans to harass victims

Enlarge (credit: RyanJLane / Getty Images)

The FBI says that the men behind the disgraced GirlsDoPorn website were willing to go to extraordinary lengths to harass and intimidate 22 women who sued them for fraud and coercion. A judge awarded those women $13 million in January. Now one of the men, Matthew Wolfe, is in custody and facing criminal charges. Authorities believe another defendant, ringleader Michael Pratt, has fled the country.

Wolfe is asking to be let out on bail. On Thursday, Motherboard published an FBI document arguing against his motion. It details just how far the men were willing to go to retaliate against the women.

The FBI arrested Wolfe in October and searched the offices of GirlsDoPorn the next day. The April 22 document, which came to light this week, describes the result of that search.

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