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Discovery’ with Klingon subtitles on Netflix

Finally you can see the warrior-race’s guttural cries transcribed!

Image: Jan Thijs © 2017 CBS Interactive

Klingon is perhaps one of the most famous examples of a language invented for the screen. It first appeared in the 1979 film Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and since then it has become so popular that Duolingo will soon offer lessons in the alien language.

Well now Netflix has taken the immersion-factor in Star Trek: Discovery to a whole new level. First, the Klingons in the series will speak exclusively in Klingon, whereas previously they often resorted to plain old English. To emphasise this Netflix has released a trailer entirely in Klingon with English subtitles, which you can watch below.

But that’s not all. Netflix has added Klingon as a subtitle option. That means that you could watch the entire series, English sections included, with the Klingon translation. For fans in the U.S., however, CBS (the American distributor of the show) gives no such option, so they’ll have to find other ways to get their alien language fix.

This could be a handy learning tool for anyone eager to improve their Klingon language skills. For example,”roj wlQej” means “we come in peace.” Although that phrase probably isn’t as useful as one would hope with a race of authoritarian warrior aliens…

So if you’re looking to bolster your Star Trek language skills give it a whirl, whether it’s your vocabulary or your pronunciation you’re worried about, Netflix is here to help. You’ll on your way to Qapla’ (success) in no time!

Perhaps if enough people watch the Klingon-subtitled version, Netflix could expand the language option to their other shows. House of Cards in Klingon sounds strangely appropriate…

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