Darksiders III Game Ready Driver Is Up for Grabs – Get GeForce 417.01

NVIDIA has made available a new GeForce Graphics package, namely version 417.01, which is the Game Ready driver for Darksiders III, updates GeForce Experience to, and resolves Frame Rate Limiter 2 issues.

Moreover, the present release makes sure monitor refresh rates higher than 30 Hz work correctly with 4K monitors, fixes shadowplay recording corruptions seen with GeForce TX 650 cards, and removes a bug that prevented G-sync from disengaging after exiting a game.

If applied, the 417.01 package also resolves Ansel images display that appeared incomplete when the resolution was set to 30x or greater and ensures that ID 14 error isn’t encountered if CSM is disabled in the system BIOS (only for Turing GPUs).

When it comes to installation, first save the appropriate package for your configuration (either desktop or notebook running one of Microsoft’s 64-bit variants of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 platforms), and close all programs and processes that might inte… (read more)

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