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‘Cuphead’ players have mastered the game, but there’s still another mountain to climb

Something wild happened this week: A Cuphead player bested every one of the game’s bosses in 41 minutes without taking any damage, dodging, or using ability-boosting Charms.

It was and is impressive, but something’s missing.

Cuphead is a brand new game from Studio MDHR, which spent multiple years crafting a traditional-if-infernally challenging side-scrolling action game. The music and hand-drawn art suck you in, but it’s the punishing difficulty that constantly urges you to git gud.

It’s a more forgiving game than you might expect given some of the hyperbolic discourse that’s bouncing around the online game-o-sphere. But it’s challenging nonetheless, and very difficult to master.

Yet here are all these YouTube videos featuring superhuman players dodging enemy fire and taking down bosses like it’s nothing. 

Check out a few of them here and see if you can figure out what I thought was missing….

Figure it out? All of these completion montages are stitched-together footage of each round. Behind the clean, near-perfect execution that you see, how many hours of failures, aborted attempts, and restarts are you missing?

I’m not suggesting that the above players (and those like them — YouTube is flooded with Cuphead videos) didn’t pull off an impressive feat. But I want to see someone take it further.

So here’s my challenge: I’d love to see a full, uncut runthrough of Cuphead with first-attempt completions of every stage. No failures. No restarts. Just the game, unfiltered, from beginning to end.

It’s not something I could ever pull off, personally. But I think someone out there definitely can, and I’d sure like to see it.

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