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Companies unprepared for cloud migration

A new report from Virtana reveals that most organisations are forcing to revert some of their applications back to on-prem infrastructure. 350 IT professionals were included in the report, which found that 72% had moved at least one app back onto on-prem, siting various reasons for their decision to do so. Some realised after that apps shouldn’t have been moved in the first place, or there were too many issues with public cloud provisioning. On top of this many experienced a degradation of performance along with unexpected cloud costs.

Paul Bevan, Research Director of IT Infrastructure for Bloor Research stated that: “In the drive to implement cloud-first, or cloud only strategies, many are stumbling over migrations and have had to repatriate applications back on-premises.”

Virtana came to the conclusion that this emphasises the complexity of the challenges businesses are faced with when trying to digitally transform their operations. Not to mention, many businesses were forced to switch from on-prem to the cloud in a limited amount of time thanks to the corona-virus creating a massive shift to remote working. Organisations struggled figuring out which apps to migrate, didn’t have proper visibility into app dependencies and often didn’t fully understand how their workloads would change and behave in the cloud. As a result, many businesses have become more committed to digital transformation, with more than two thirds migrating at least a quarter of their applications to the public cloud.


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