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Citi and Qantas brought the future of banking to SXSW (Paid Content by Citi)

By co-creating with open APIs, Tully and Duncombe have accumulated valuable data and insights that will fuel the next generation of products.

“Customers opting in to the card and platform are enabling Qantas to truly understand them and create amazing experiences for them,” said Tully.

Duncombe thinks we’ll see a lot more “FinTegration” between banks and other lifestyle brands in the future, “Partnerships like this will overcome the obstacle of [companies operating] in vacuums.” 

In addition to building better customer-centric products, combining data pools also gives companies a competitive advantage. It’s a new paradigm for getting to know customers even better.

The co-creation between Citi and Qantas is designed to evolve with the needs of its user base. Using data insights mined from both companies, new products are already in the works to tackle common customer pain-points. To see how Citi and Qantas are enabling seamless customer experiences, visit the Citi Developer Hub and Qantas Money.

Moving forward, FinTech will fuel increasingly connected ecosystems. Citi’s Open Banking relationships are all about collaborating on the fly—bringing services to customers long after they’ve left the bank, airport, or even the country.

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