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Chihuahua in graduation cap and gown earns bachelor’s degree in cuteness

Graduating class of 2017, there are a few people you need to thank for getting you to where you are today. 

  1. Your parents for literally everything.

  2. Your family for their love and support.

  3. Your friends for their understanding and guidance.

  4. Most importantly, your pet for always making you feel better when you stressed about finals, and for just being cute.

A University of Texas grad showed his utmost appreciation for his little chihuahua by dressing him up in a mini cap and gown fit for a doggie professor. He loves his pup so much that he even goes by Chihuahua Pappy on Twitter.

Someone give this dog a medical degree because he’ll need to help us when our hearts give out from witnessing this much cuteness.

This chihuahua’s A+ outfit features a fake shirt and tie under a graduation robe, a little cap, and fake hands to help grab his well-deserved diploma. 

Congratulations to both dad and dog for your amazing accomplishments. May you set an example for hardworking and determined pets and owners everywhere.

Also, same ^.

[H/T: Hello Giggles]

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