CDPR CEO blames “in-game streaming” for Cyberpunk’s console problems

CD Projekt Red is still trying to contain the damage from widespread reports of major technical problems in the versions of Cyberpunk 2077 released for the PS4 and Xbox One last month. To that end, studio co-founder and CEO Marcin Iwinski today tweeted a video message seeking to explain the internal situation leading up to the problematic launch.

“Despite good reviews on PC, the console version of Cyberpunk 2077 did not meet the quality standard we wanted it to meet,” Iwinski said in the message. “I, and the entire leadership team, are deeply sorry for this, and this video is me publicly owning up to that.”

Sifting through the stream

The core of the problem, Iwinski said, was the “in-game streaming system” that Cyberpunk 2077 used to “feed” content and game mechanics to the engine without frequent breaks for loading. That system had to be “constantly improved” for last-gen consoles during development, Iwinski said, in order to keep up with the “epic” look of the PC version (which saw its graphics and other assets scaled down to work on more limited, older console hardware).

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