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Facebook could face billions in potential damages as court rules facial recognition lawsuit can proceed – TechCrunch

Facebook is facing exposure to billions of dollars in potential damages as a federal appeals court on Thursday rejected Facebook’s…

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ACLU asks court to release a secret order forcing Facebook to wiretap Messenger – TechCrunch

Earlier this year, the U.S. government tried to force Facebook to secretly recode its Messenger app to allow the feds…

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UK’s mass surveillance regime violated human rights law, finds ECHR – TechCrunch

The complaints in this case were lodged prior to the UK legislating for a new surveillance regime, the 2016 Investigatory…

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Tall Poppy aims to make online harassment protection an employee benefit – TechCrunch

For the nearly 20 percent of Americans who experience severe online harassment, there’s a new company launching in the latest…