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Catch Pivotal, ShopBack and TradeGecko at TIA Singapore 2018’s Developer & Product Stage

At Tech in Asia Singapore 2018 happening this May 15 & 16, expect tons of insightful talks lined up across six content stages. Through the years, the Developer & Product Stage has grown to become a conference staple, with jam-packed sessions being the norm. This expert stage which caters to both aspiring programmers and seasoned hackers has also been known as one of the most popular stages we’ve got to offer.

This time round, we’ve assembled a pool of industry experts from CloudFlare, ShopBack, TradeGecko and more to help you navigate the latest tools and share tips on how to take your business to greater heights.

Here are some highlights from the Developer & Product Stage you wouldn’t want to miss:

The science behind sticky products

According to an App Annie study, the average smartphone user has more than 80 apps but only accesses close to half of them each month. In addition, consumers spend close to three hours in apps everyday, a 30 percent growth compared to 2015. In a mobile-first climate, how can your app stand out to become one of the 40 apps that users frequently engage with?

TradeGecko’s Yi-Wei Ang will be diving into topics such as:

  • Technical aspects that make an app or product sticky
  • How to tangibly measure the stickiness of your product and find the features that drive engagement for your app
  • How to determine your core loop and build your product around it

How to keep your code clean

Jumbled and messy codes are bad, and it becomes a nightmare when you’ve got to sort through someone else’s sloppy work. While everyone has different ways of coding, there are several key principles and practices that can be applied to ensure that beautiful and clean codes are the norm, instead of the exception.

Key takeaways from this session, hosted by Alberto Resco Pérez from Pivotal include:

  • How to maintain and benefit from clean code
  • Habits and practices to adopt for building clean code from the get-go
  • Is clean code or product growth more important for early-stage startups?
  • Finding a balance: how to maintain clean code as your product grows or expands

How to communicate effectively with your product stakeholders

Being a product manager is tough. Core skills include translating jargons from engineering codes, analyzing data from A/B test results, and communicating to others in layman terms. With the various stakeholders product managers need to work with – such as senior management, their own teams, and customers, what are some do’s and don’ts they should take note of?

Join Jeremy Seow from ChainRock as he shares about the following:

  • How to draw up a simple and clear product roadmap
  • How to be multilingual: effective communication with different teams by understanding them and their needs
  • What stakeholders want and do’s and don’ts of communication at each stage of your product
  • Other tips and techniques

What else can you expect at the Developer & Product Stage?

  • Insights from SendBird on how to understand infrastructure planning and reduce cost
  • Tips from ShopBack on how to conduct comprehensive user tests
  • Lessons from CloudFlare on how to integrate a bug tracking system into your startup painlessly

Find the full agenda for Developer & Product Stage here.

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