Capture smooth footage with the Slick Smart GoPro Stabilizer Gimbal, Now $242 (Orig. $299)

With a GoPro strapped to your chest, it’s possible to take amazing videos of action sports. The Slick Smart GoPro® Stabilizer Gimbal helps keep things steady, with stabilization and several smart shooting modes. You can grab it now for $242.10 (Orig. $299) at 9to5Toys Specials with coupon code: TOYS10.

Under normal circumstances, you don’t get much shake in GoPro videos. But when you’re skiing off piste or riding waves, it’s inevitable that the footage will be a little bit rough.

Thanks to a panning and tilting head, the Slick Smart gimbal can iron out all the bumps. This device works with every GoPro Hero since the Hero 3, along with the Session series. You can use it with your regular mount, or attach it to a selfie stick.

Through the companion app, you can choose between four different shooting modes: pan, lock, follow, and rotating time lapse. Each adds a cinematic twist to your videos, while maintaining smooth footage.

The Slick Smart offers four hours of shooting time on a full charge, and the glass-fiber nylon construction can handle all conditions.

Order Slick Smart GoPro® Stabilizer Gimbal now for $242.10 to save 19% on the gimbal, worth $299 with coupon code: TOYS10.

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