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Can’t get an Apple Card yet? At least you can look at these videos


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Here’s something to get you through the awful period of waiting to get your Apple Card.

Image: Apple

Yes, the ultimate geek status symbol — an Apple credit card — launched today. And (unfortunately), given its “preview” status, not everyone can get one just yet. 

In other words, if you didn’t get an invite, or if you don’t live in the U.S., all you can do is wait. 

We do have something that will quench your Apple Card thirst, though: A bunch of official Apple videos showing you the various aspects of using the card, including making online and in-store purchases, activating a card, and more. 

Granted, it’s not nearly as cool as actually owning the shiny metal card and flashing it in front of your friends, but at least you have something to do until the card becomes available to you. 

Check out all the videos (10 in total) over at Apple’s YouTube page

Besides being cool and having the little Apple logo on it, the Apple Card has other benefits, including no annual, cash-advance or international fees, daily cashback rewards, fraud protection, and a detailed overview of how you spend your money inside a nifty iPhone app.

As for when the card will become available to more users, Apple said it should happen over the next few weeks. 

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