Can your Apple devices run the new OSes announced at WWDC? Check here

Today’s WWDC virtual conference exposed tons of new and exciting features for devices across the entire Apple ecosystem. If your device supports the newest version of its OS, it will get those features for free in an over-the-air update. For the most part, if you bought your Apple device new in 2015 or later, you made the cut—but there are some exceptions both ways.

The Apple Watch line is the easiest to understand, since it has so few models available. All Apple Watch models in Series 2 or later can update to watchOS 7—at least, they can as long as they’re paired to an iPhone which can run iOS 14. The original Apple Watch—although released in 2015—sadly did not make the cut.

All iPhones newer than the iPhone 6s (which came out in September 2015) can upgrade to iOS 14. This includes both generations of the iPhone SE. The seventh-generation iPod touch can also upgrade to iOS 14; all previous generations of iPod are out of luck. If you’re not certain which model of iPhone you own, you can find identification tips at Apple’s support site here.

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