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Businesses should not ignore rising ransomware risks

With the number of victims of cybercrimes rising through methods such as ransomware, an IT and communication expert is calling for business owners to take action now or run the risk of being the next victim of a vicious cyber-attack that could lead a company into devastation.

Ransomware – whereby malicious software prevents or limits access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid – is causing chaos the world over and should be of major concern to businesses. This is warning from Simon Ahearne, managing director of SA1 Solutions, who claims with the top delivery method for ransomware being email, too many organisations are at risk of an attack. These emails, disguised as being from a genuine sender, contain infected attachments and/or links to malicious websites that can infect a device in seconds.

Ransomware is becoming more and more of a problem for both businesses and consumers. Skype, for example, has been highlighted recently as a new avenue for cybercriminals to target users with ransomware. This malicious ransomware campaign attacks Window’s 10 PCs through adverts in Skype – a worry for businesses using Skype for corporate communications, as well as consumers using the popular video call software.

Swansea-based SA1 Solutions advises businesses to use an advanced email security and filtering system, which gives piece of mind that security threats are minimised. Using a managed email solutions provider can give businesses a fully-integrated email security and cloud-based solution. This means an organisation is protected from the most sophisticated email threats, as well as accidental or malicious data leakage via email.

Additional methods of protection include ensuring business owners or chief information officers (CIOs) have a back-up of their organisation’s data in place as a standard practice so important information is not lost, should an attack occur; educating employees to not open links in emails or email attachments from unknown or suspicious senders; and ensuring regular updates are run on devices that help stop the latest cybercrime campaign being successful.

Ahearne commented:

“Ransomware is the biggest threat facing businesses of all sizes today. We have received an immense amount of calls of late from those who left it too left and have already fallen victim to these nuisance attacks.

“Ignoring the risks of being infected by ransomware is simply not an option unless you want your company to go into meltdown. Being a victim of an attack can not only lead to financial loss but reputational damage, and this message needs to be realised by business owners. Being proactive and having the reassurance that your business and its vital data is safe needs to happen now.”

SA1 Solutions is a leading managed service provider based in South Wales, offering services to over 200 customers across the UK.

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