Bungie Reveals Gameplay from Destiny 2: Forsaken and Its Gambit Mode

Activision and Bungie have unveiled more details about the upcoming Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion and the Gambit mode.

Bungie is well aware that it needs to revamp Destiny 2 with something spectacular, and they already announced the Forsaken expansion. If everything goes well, Destiny 2 could rise again, but we have to keep in mind that people will have to pay for it and that it’s not going to be included in the expansion pass.

E3 2018 was the perfect opportunity to unveil some more details about Forsaken, and this is this exactly what the publisher did. It’s not a lot, but it’s a closer look at Gambit, which is supposed to be one of the big improvements and new features for Destiny 2.

Gambit is a gamble

Bungie is putting a lot of faith into Forsaken, and Gambit is probably the most important feature, with the exception of the campaign. It’s also a new mode that hasn’t been tried until now in multiplayer games, so it’s easy to see why they really… (read more)

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