Broadcom Charged By FTC of Illegal Monopolization, Agrees To Settlement

phalse phace shares a report from The Wall Street Journal: The Federal Trade Commission and Broadcom have agreed to settle charges that the company used its dominance in some chip markets to squeeze out potential rivals (Warning: source paywalled; alternative source). The FTC on Friday said that under a proposed consent order, Broadcom must stop requiring its customers to source three types of chips from the company on an exclusive or near-exclusive basis. The FTC said that Broadcom maintained its power in certain markets by entering long-term exclusive or near-exclusive agreements with at least 10 original equipment manufacturers of set-top boxes and broadband devices and service providers that prevented them from purchasing chips from Broadcom’s competitors. The behavior, the FTC alleges, began as early as 2016. In one example of Broadcom’s allegedly anticompetitive behavior, the FTC said the company threatened that if a service provider didn’t limit purchases from its rivals, Broadcom would raise the price it charges the customer for software services.

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