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Brief: Thai data analytics startup gets $7.4m funding for US and China push

Image credit: Pixabay.

Thailand’s Zanroo develops software that allows brand owners to collect and analyze consumer data that can inform their marketing campaigns.

Competitors: Ematic; Perx

How it compares to competitors: Zanroo claims its service represents a “total” market research solution, which incorporates so-called “social listening” technology to derive marketing insights from social media interactions. It counts major players such as L’Oréal and PepsiCo among its customers.


  • Over 300 clients from sectors such as automotive, aviation, banking, consumer goods, ecommerce, and telecommunications
  • Active in 15 countries, mostly in Asia-Pacific
  • Year-on-year revenue growth between 200 and 400 percent

Funding details

Amount raised: US$7.4 million
Funding stage: Series A
Lead investor: Shift Ventures
Other investors: Undisclosed
Investment type: Undisclosed
Purpose: Mainly for expansion into the US and China, with Europe a longer term goal
Total funding to date: US$7.4 million

Source: e27.

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