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Brief: Indonesian HR software startup gets seed funding to take on SAP and WorkDay

Synergo CEO and co-founder Domenico Tukiman (L) and CTO and co-founder Rhapsody Budiono (R). Photo credit: Synergo.

Jakarta-based Synergo develops a cloud-based employee performance management system. It allows employees and employers to align their development goals, provides a structure for appraisals, and enables data analysis.

Competitors: Cornerstone OnDemand, SAP SuccessFactors, WorkDay, others

How it compares to the competition: These systems typically come at a high upfront cost, meaning they are out of reach for many smaller businesses in Asia. They tend to charge costly installation fees and can require long onboarding processes. Co-founder and CEO Domenico Tukiman tells Tech in Asia that Synergo’s solution aims to combine the best features from these competing providers while meeting the specific requirements of Asian companies. It is subscription-based, allowing smaller businesses to pay as they grow.


Synergo is currently onboarding several small and medium-sized businesses from multiple industries. Tukiman says the company is aiming to raise follow-on funding before the year ends, which it will use to hire more team members – including engineers – and further develop its educational features by partnering with universities and other startups.

Funding details

Amount raised: Undisclosed
Funding stage: Seed
Lead investor: East Ventures
Investment type: Equity
Purpose: Product development and marketing initiatives, such as free trials, free training sessions, discounts, etc
Total disclosed funding to date: None

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