BrandPost: Transitioning to the Cloud: It Shouldn’t Feel All That Different

When enterprises around the world sent their employees home during the pandemic, IT teams were forced to hit fast forward on plans to support a more mobile workforce. The good news is many IT organizations had a blueprint in place to: accelerate investment in cloud workloads, adopt zero-trust security policies and begin using the internet as their primary method of connecting employees to their work. But what was previously expected to be a slow, methodical transition with double- and triple-checks for assurance and cost analysis became a mad dash for the cloud.

Now, as we enter 2021, those applications that are essential for our businesses are, in many cases, safely operating in the cloud. We’ve successfully supported an at-home workforce. Now is the time for organizations to start asking the questions: is this sustainable, and is it cost-effective? Cloud can quickly become complicated, as your IT teams shift their trust in data centers and implement internet connections over which they no longer have direct control. Security, automation and resiliency become more complex, but also more important than ever before. This new world represents new challenges, but IT teams have the tools to solve for them. 

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