BrandPost: Taking a People-centric Approach to End-User IT

Over the past nine months, companies shifted en masse to a work-from-anywhere model. What started as a sprint has now turned into a marathon, and companies need a long-term IT strategy to sustain this shift. How can enterprises get the most out of the work they’ve done, without starting from scratch?

A people-centric approach to end-user IT is the answer. Companies come in different sizes with different technology needs and IT budgets. The best option is one that considers how your people work and what they require to do their jobs. It lets you tailor the IT environment to their needs—not the other way around.

Check how people are using the tools you give them and get their feedback. Don’t be afraid of the answers—use them to innovate forward. Rapid change will continue well beyond 2020. Assessment should be ongoing to determine if a new course of action is needed. Even if you have a small budget, there are still incremental things you can do to stay ahead of the next big thing.

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