BrandPost: Spanish Pharmaceutical Company Drives Digital Innovation with Fortinet

Though the stakes for digital innovation (DI) have never been higher, enterprises engaging in DI projects today can draw on a plethora of lessons learned by their predecessors. A key lesson is that security cannot be bolted on at the end of a technology project. Rather, it must be architected into the initiative from the beginning of the project.

A leading Spanish pharmaceutical company, Insud Pharma, worked with Fortinet to develop a framework that enabled the transformation of the company’s entire value chain, based on best practices in information security. The framework, comprised of solutions from the Fortinet Security Fabric, provides the necessary protection for the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s IT and OT networks, offering complete visibility of all assets and events that occur across its digital infrastructure. This broad visibility and control is critical to securing OT environments as OT/IT convergence introduces new cyberthreats to organizations worldwide, and no other vendor can provide this same breadth of protection across both IT and OT domains.

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