BrandPost: Platform Modernization for the Digital Age

For several years now, enterprises have prioritized becoming modern businesses. While the pandemic hasn’t changed that priority, businesses across the globe are pursuing their modernization efforts with  far greater degrees of urgency. More people than ever are working from home, and there are significant challenges to supporting this distributed workforce. Having all of them connected to, and working from, a modern cloud platform can ease the process considerably.

CIOs, VPs of infrastructure, and other IT leaders tasked with modernizations are under enormous pressure. They need to find a solution that reduces costs, increases agility, and, above all, delivers transformational business value. With so much riding on their platform choice, migration, and long-term technology strategy, it is understandable that enterprises have taken their time with this decision. However, customers who have been bold enough to tackle this problem head on and transform their IT landscapes are delivering a differentiated competitive advantage for their organizations.

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