BrandPost: Leaders in the New Remote Era Need New Remote Leadership Skills

The #1 means of handling the impact of the current pandemic was simple: send as many employees as possible home to work, thus avoiding contact with co-workers. Aside from isolated occurrences, this was the first time enterprises and organizations had encountered this situation. For many, it was a race to deploy the technology to ensure employees could manage the basics and stay productive while also working remotely.

What started as a quick fix during the pandemic has now become somewhat routine. For most it works so-so, and many employers have noted that improvements could help make remote working even easier and more successful.

The questions now are: How can enterprises take remote working to the next level? What things worked well and should be maintained, and what should be discontinued? Where are improvements needed?  What new ideas need consideration? And how do enterprises support remote working once in-person office work is possible again?

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