BrandPost: Investment increases in cloud native. Here’s why.

IT teams and consultants talk a lot about modernization of IT and have done so for years.

First, it focused on virtual machine technologies in the early 2000s. We consolidated and optimized our seas of servers to improve operational benefits. Next, we moved up the stack to thinking of “services” instead of servers with Shared Services organization models. Private clouds, with associated governance and show-back principles to standardize and share a broad pool of IT resources, became the technology enabler.

Then the focus deepened to our IT Operating Models to be more service centric in our approach to serving business units. Ultimately Public Cloud providers and the rise of SaaS industrialized the notion of sharing IT infrastructure and application functionality without owning it. This easy access, bypassing highly structured governance,  gave developer teams in our business functions the ability to rapidly adapt and create new code to achieve business results more quickly through improved user experiences and business processes.

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