BrandPost: How collaboration can benefit from VR ‘presence

Virtual reality (VR) is stepping out of its consumer-focused beginnings and showing some real potential in commercial environments. While training has been an initial focus in the enterprise, collaboration is also emerging as an intriguing application for VR technology – especially given the current work-from-home environment.

We asked members of IDG’s Influencer community of IT professionals, industry analysts, and technology experts about the potential benefits of VR as a way to improve meetings and collaboration among geographically dispersed employees.

Being present, virtually

Remote meetings and collaborative work become more meaningful with VR solutions as opposed to traditional settings, says Colin McGuire (@realColinMac), entrepreneur, investor, and tech evangelist. “When it comes to comparing meetings held through videoconferencing to meetings held in VR, a significantly higher number of users feel more present through VR,” says McGuire. 

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