BrandPost: How a Budget Crisis Made This CIO Reassess Everything

Having spent most of my work life as a Chief Information Officer, I can’t help seeing the irony in now being in the position of trying to get past all the barriers CIOs erect to avoid having to listen to sales pitches.

You see, I’m a former Rimini Street customer who made a late career change to work as a sales executive. And I know too well that having a system of filters and gatekeepers is a CIO survival skill. I always understood that if I spent all day listening to someone tell me how they were going to solve all my problems, I would never have time to solve the important problems.

So I never took sales calls when I could help it. Ignored email from outside the company, as much as I could. Put an assistant in charge of letting me know when there was something I really needed to pay attention to. Otherwise, it was, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

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