BrandPost: Episode 4: Why your one-size-fits-all database infrastructure won’t cut it in the modern world

The cloud has disrupted every element of the technology stack, including databases. The days of expecting one monolithic database to serve all of an organization’s needs are quickly drawing to a close, in favor of purpose-built databases and tools that address specific use cases.

“It is no longer a one-size fits all world,” Shawn Bice, Vice President, Databases at AWS, said in Episode 3 of the new Ahead of the Pack podcast series. “While the way we built applications for the past 30 years may be familiar, don’t let that turn into a blind spot that stifles future innovation.”

Bice said any concern about moving business-critical workloads to cloud-native architectures should be tempered by all of the learnings gathered from early adopters.

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