BrandPost: Don’t Let COVID-19 Distance You From Your Trading Partners

Supply chains and trading partnerships have been put under huge pressure in 2020 due to the disruption caused by the pandemic. We talked with John Radko, SVP of Engineering for OpenText, about what organizations can do to tackle these challenges and how they can securely integrate people, systems and things across their extended business ecosystems.

Businesses faced huge challenges in 2020. How has this disruption changed the way we trade?

The forces of change had already been pressuring businesses well before the start of 2020. If you think back to before COVID-19, things were changing even then. While that disruption wasn’t on the scale of a global pandemic, it manifested itself through changes in the way countries work together, trade wars, increasing tariffs, growing regulation and natural disasters. There were numerous challenges ongoing already, but I think it took COVID for us to appreciate just how much the world has changed.

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