BrandPost: COBOL’s Enduring Usefulness and Digital Transformation

These days, it’s difficult to imagine anything untouched by disruptive change, and the same applies to our IT systems. Regardless of the current setting, there are certain critical systems that simply cannot afford to fail. These are the systems that deliver too much value for organizations to be ripped out and replaced. In most cases, a business has made substantial investments in their systems over time, including the development of additional IP and processes to support it.  These core systems continue to enable real benefits, and ripping them out and starting from scratch has the potential to put critical revenue at risk.

More often than not, these central systems run on more established, business-centric technologies. The platforms behind them are often mainframes or other robust servers like Unix, Linux, or Windows, while the data layer could be built on dependable, flat-file structures or industrial-strength databases such as Oracle or DB2. When it comes to the language of the application, the answer is always COBOL. Through continued investments from the COBOL community, the language has been able to adhere to the needs of a constantly evolving global economy.

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