BrandPost: Cloud Services Provide a Digital Lifeline for Critical Government, Healthcare Sectors

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the ability of government agencies and healthcare providers to deliver critical services and information to individuals and businesses, as many IT systems were suddenly overwhelmed with more requests than they could handle.

Cloud services have enabled organizations to handle surges in demand and a sudden shift to remote work to manage through the crisis. Flexible, scalable, cloud-based IT infrastructure has proven vital to many software and service providers across Europe, allowing them to maintain communications and delivery of essential services to those in need.

The first priority when the virus first took hold across Europe was managing the spread of the virus. developed an app to map and visualize the movement trajectories of infected people. The app lets anyone upload their movement history and cross-check it against records of infected people. If a location match is found, the person can assess the risk of having visited that location.

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