BrandPost: Bringing Mainframe And Cloud Together Is Changing Cultures For The Better

Consider Colin, a cloud-native application developer at a global insurance company. He has many projects on his plate, some of which require changes to components that run on the mainframe. In the past, he treated the mainframe as a black box. The development tools and language used for that platform were like a foreign culture, completely distinct from his cloud-based comfort zone. But now, thanks to some new open tooling he’s been working with, he has visibility into an automated pipeline which spans distributed and mainframe, enabling him to understand all the moving parts of the application.

Colin was excited about leveraging these new tools and he started up a small team to explore the possibilities. Using his distributed pipeline as a map, Colin and his team are working closely with his mainframe peers to automate tests using open test frameworks and accessing mainframe native artifacts in the same way they access distributed artifacts – using Visual Studio Code. Over time, thanks to mainframe integration with their familiar distributed tooling, his entire team has been able to work more seamlessly with the mainframe in the same way they work with the rest of their applications!

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