BrandPost: A Thousand Points of Data: Integration Made (Truly) Easy

The new frontier of data management is not really centered on the collection or even the analyzing of data, but on access, consolidation, and sharing, and making that data (even if it’s from two seemingly disparate, unrelated data sources) actionable.

For example, it’s one thing to pull data from Salesforce to understand how much revenue you stand to make from a recent deal, but it’s another thing to merge that data with Concur to understand what you’ve spent in travel to win it. This integration of data points, otherwise known as joined data sets, provides insight that is otherwise unknowable.

Of course, most companies have myriad data sources; everything from Amazon Web Services to Zendesk, on-premise databases, spreadsheets, flat files, and more. And many of these sources have APIs for data access.  

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