BrandPost: A Modern CISO’s response to Sunburst

Anita (a fictitious character) is a CISO for a global financial institution. With more than 20 years in enterprise cyber security, Anita considers herself a modern CISO. Anita is a leader who views Cyber as a strategic imperative for the bank, a business enabler, and a platform to enable the bank’s digital future. Anita views her role as a partner for the business, and as a partner her mandate is to establish Trust, Security, and Resiliency. Digital Trust will allow the bank to accelerate adoption of new digital platform and services, Security will ensure Anita is able to address modern/future threats, and Resiliency will provide the “shock absorbers” that the enterprise needs to address the next crisis (whether a cyber threat, environmental disaster, or pandemic). She shared a mission based on her group’s ability to support the next generation of Digital Banking:

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