BrandPost: A Great Digital Experience is Within Your Grasp

Every interaction – whether it’s with a partner, a supplier or a retail customer – is an experience, including digital experiences. Lou Blatt, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at OpenText, talked with us about how organizations can take control of the digital experience to innovate and stay in front of the competition.

Businesses have undoubtedly faced huge challenges in 2020. How can digital transformation efforts help when something so dramatic happens?

Major shifts in technology have defined winners or losers. Not so long ago, when HBO was streaming movies to the home, Blockbuster was recommending late fees for late tapes. When Tower Records was considering larger stores, Pandora and Spotify were enabling digital music distribution and moving beyond physical limitations. China’s Ant Financial, now known as Ant Group, provides financial services to more than ten times as many customers as the largest US bank, with far fewer employees. To compete, companies need to accelerate digital transformation to change outside factors, whether the pandemic or digital disruption, from threats to opportunities.

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