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Brand masters J. Walter Thompson to kick off Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017 Startup Strategy Workshops

Name recognition and branding is at the heart of any successful enterprise – your brand is how the world sees what you have to offer. Branding isn’t just simple marketing. It’s the basis for your company’s image and being, and all major decisions need to be made with the brand in mind.

We are happy to announce that branding professionals J. Walter Thompson (JWT) will be kicking off our first Startup Strategy Workshop for Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017. The workshop series is the first of its kind to be launched at Tech in Asia’s conference history, which will run its seventeenth edition this 27 & 28 September at Bellesalle Shibuya Garden, Tokyo.

JWT handles branding for top companies including Rolex, Nestle, BMW, and now, you! As a workshop attendee, you’ll walk away from this session with a template to grow your brand based on JWT’s trusted internal tools.

Tickets are on an extended 20 percent off until 28 July, so if you want to join in on this workshop and grow your business grab your tickets at this link and we will see you there.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • What is branding?
  • Why should I care about branding?
  • How do I create a brand?
  • What are some examples of good branding?
  • Where does branding fit in with the rest of business strategy?
  • Learn about the importance of higher purposes in business.

JWT Community Workshop. Photo credit: Tech in Asia Japan

Workshop Deliverables

1. Master the basics of branding
Why does your brand stick out over the competition? What makes you a credible solution to your market’s problems? How can you communicate effectively to build an emotional connection? These are the fundamental questions. Knowing the answers through and through can be the difference between selling Coca Cola and selling fizzy brown water.

2. See why branding matters
Just about everyone knows what a Q-tip is. But when you ask someone for a “cotton swab,” chances are they will give you a funny look. Branding can transform the way someone looks at your product. There are a whole slew of services that do what Facebook does, but Facebook and “social network” have come to be nearly one and the same.

3. Walk away with a template to grow your business
We know branding is important. But how do you go ahead and build a brand? JWT’s Brand Nurturing strategies combine elements of Western business ideas and Japanese marketing philosophy. It can give you the tools to lay the foundation for your brand, or if you’re well on your way, solidify your strategy. Are you challenging the market? Are you individualizing your brands? Depending on your needs, having a wide array of starting points and templates at your disposal can make a world of difference.

4. Learn from others’ success
There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to effective branding strategies. JWT collaborates with world class companies ranging from Schick to Bayer to help them build their brands. If world class companies still have something to gain from JWT’s insights, chances are you do too.

5. Learn how to position your company to win
What sets you apart from the competition? This is one of the most crucial questions you have to answer to secure a position in the minds of consumers. Where are you now? Are there other people that do the same thing (or act like they do) in your niche? Hundreds of companies make sportswear. But how many invoke the same reaction as one that sports the slogan: “Just do it”?

JWT Community Workshop. Photo credit: Tech in Asia Japan

Meet the branding experts

J. Walter Thompson is based out of New York, with over 200 offices in more than 90 countries across the globe. J. Walter Thompson’s Japan branch is one of the oldest foreign affiliated advertising agencies in Japan. Since 1956, JWT has been helping companies in Japan grow through a mix of brand management and market analysis.

This exclusive Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017 Startup Strategy Workshop will provide insider insights and answers to your questions in an interactive format. Chances like this don’t come every day, so come loaded with questions and ideas to get the most out of JWT’s seasoned branding masters.

Guiding you through the workshop will be JWT’s own Hironaga Yai. Yai is JWT Japan’s senior planning director, and has been in the business for over 30 years. After running his own brand consulting agency for a year, he joined JWT and has been working with global brands and Japanese multinationals ever since.

Please note this workshop by JWT will be conducted entirely in Japanese.

That’s not all we’ve got lined up for you this year. Workshops like this can be a great experience, but the Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017 conference has even more to offer. If you want a taste of what’s going on in the Japanese startup ecosystem, Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017 will leave you thoroughly satisfied. We’ll have over 150 exhibiting startups from across Asia, speeches by industry leaders, and an intense pitch battle – our Startup Arena.

If your interest is piqued, don’t wait to claim your conference tickets. We’re extending our 20 percent off deal for conference tickets, but only until the 28th July. If you use the code tiatokyo20 before midnight on the 28th, you can still get your tickets 20 percent off!

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