Billionaire-Backed Received $1-2 Million Federal PPP Loan

theodp writes:’s $10+ million “Diamond” supporters include Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Infosys. Its $3+ million “Platinum” supporters include Google, the Gates Foundation, and the Ballmer Group. And its $1+ million “Gold” supporters include Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, the world’s two richest men. So, it was somewhat surprising to see the nonprofit — which is dedicated to pushing CS into K-12 classrooms — pop up on the list of Seattle-area tech companies that received a PPP loan from the federal government. According to Paycheck Protection Program data released by the SBA and Treasury, was approved on April 15th for a loan between $1-2 million to retain 81 jobs due to the pandemic. Khan Academy, another pet nonprofit of Gates and other billionaires, received approval for a $2-5 million PPP loan to retain 185 jobs.

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