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Beauty blogger’s gruesome take on squiggle brows is impressively terrifying

Squiggle brows were probably already the Instagram eyebrow trend of your nightmares. But, things are about to get much, much worse. 

Amid the squiggle mania currently taking over the beauty blogging world, people are now trying a Halloween-themed version of the squiggle brow look—by making “cut out” wavy brows. And, they’re every inch the bloodbath you’d expect. 

Be warned, these eyebrow looks are not for the faint hearted. Trust us. 

British Instagram blogger Jodie Elizabeth Evans gave the terrifying look a go, with a few other Halloween-inspired horror looks. 

Inspired by Evans’ spooky look, makeup blogger @eyesobell also decided to try it.  

She posted a step-by-step account of how to create the cut-out brow look using special FX makeup. 

She started out by covering up her eyebrows with prosthetic makeup. She then cut out a squiggle-brow shape from the makeup and painted new brows using fake blood. 

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

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